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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

SEO Essentials while Optimizing a Site

While we talk about Search engine optimization its not that easy as we think. We need to work for it. Here are some of the basic fundamentals that may help your website to get ranked easily and which will be found crucial for the website to be found.

What are search engines actually looking for?
How can you can make your website in that way that it will please visitors/ customers as well as Google, Bing, etc?

Skipping the basics and spending lots of time on social media and much more fancy stuffs is like skipping playing the music and dancing. basics are important and base is very important to make a huge good, effecient structure.

What is Search Engine Optimization, Exactly?

  • It is the process of getting traffic 'Free', 'Editorial', 'Natural' search results 
  • It is a process of communicating search engines your intentions, so they can recommend your website in their search engines.

What Are Search Engines Looking For?

Content: It is the theme of the page, the text thats written, the base the tile of the page

User Experience: How does the site look? Is it easy to navigate around, Does the website looks simple or is it too complicated?

Performance: How fast is the site, Does it load properly? or does it take much time to load?

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

On page optimization

Search engine optimization mainly consist of 2 parts

  • On page optimization
  • Off page optimization 
Coming to On page optimization, Let us know what On page optimization basically means.
'In search in engine optimization, the on page optimization factor refers to have an effect on your website or web page listing in natural search result. These factors can be controlled by coding
For example: HTML etc. 

Some of the on page optimization techniques are 

Tuesday, August 19, 2014


The difference between digital marketing and traditional marketing is Digital marketing is all about web marketing and traditional marketing includes newspapers. televisions, banners, radio etc.

Why to choose Online marketing over traditional marketing?

 Its measurable  Its is not easy to know how many people read your article, heard your ad on radio or saw it on television. But in online marketing we have a check on every step of the user like 
  • How many of them saw your ad ?
  • How many clicked on it?
  • How many visited your website?
  • How many are interested? 
Reaching qualified customers   Through online marketing we are more likely to reach to the customers interested in the product and who really need them. We can target on marketing campaigns to show marketing messages to people who are ready to buy the product which is harder in traditional marketing.

Customer engagement   Online marketing helps us to engage with our customers through various practices. customers call us by seeing our online ads on various social media sites and search engines. While the customer visits our site various pop ups of newsletters, contact forms may help us to know the details of customer visited the website. Hence helping us to have a conversation with our customers directly or indirectly.

Search engine optimization.

The process of maximizing the number of visitors to a particular website by ensuring that the site appears high on the list of results returned by a search engine.

Why is search engine optimization necessary for websites?

why is search engine optimization necessary for websites

As we read search engine optimization helps to increase the number of visitors to a particular website, not only search engine helps you to increase the number of visitors but also helps you to get to the thing you need. It connects the users with the websites. Although search engines have become extremely sophesticated. SEO helps the engines to figure out what the website is actually all about.

Reasons a company should invest in  Search engine optimization:

  • It is cost effective  As compared to other marketing techniques online marketing is cheaper. The pay per click advertising, the social media marketing or purchasing leads for email marketing program. Search engine optimization provides good ROI, while social media marketing is important for the image and PPC gives you revenues



    • It gives you results  As you know now a days people are more social then practical, teenagers and business people are spending most of the time online. hence practicing social media marketing , search engine optimization may help you get directly to the customers online, connects you to the user directly thereafter giving you results



    • Grabbing more market share  Now a days before making any purchase people are tend to search content online and know about the product estimated around 80-90% users do such and it is expected to increase. therefore if people are searching online Don't you want your product to be located? Your company to be known by everyone? without organic search engine optimisation in place people will have a very hard time finding you and then unfortunately they will land on finding your competitors.


    • Your competitors are practicing it   The main reason you should invest in search engine optimization is because your competitors are investing in it. It cant be tolerated if users are finding your competitors and not you. So the best way to be found before they find your competitors is making a step forward investing in search engine optimization.
    To develop a good brand search engine optimization gets important, so you can reach potential customers, can keep a track on the users, and get back to them anytime.